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App still going strong 6 years on

Interactive article produced in 2016 by Sam Dodge and Nele Wellens using the Hotspot app.


1. Business challenge

Make more advert revenue on a day-to-day basis.

2. Design process

Workshop to generate ideas. Pitched ideas using Story boards. Made Proto-personas and task models to structure UX research. Removed assumptions about users through shadowing and structured interviews. Used UX research to produce User stories to generate a features list. Turned features list and task models into wireframes. Entered cycle of design, prototype, test and evaluate. Repeated cycle three times.

3. Business solution

Designers' tool (Hotspot app) that increases production volume and quality.

My role

Working like a startup in a corporate business setting. Responsible for all aspects of the design, research and programming. Workshop participants included these types of journalism staff: data reporter, consulting editor, website editor, special projects editor and SEO specialists.

App's usage in Oct 2014

Interactive articles produced in Oct 2014 by Mark Oliver and Sam Dodge using the Hotspot app.

App's early days usage

Interactive articles produced by Andrew Blenkinsop and Mark Oliver using the Hotspot app.