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1. Business challenge

Maximise advert revenue on upcoming royal wedding event.

2. Design process

Proto-personas, loosely structured interviews and task analysis. Workshop to generate ideas. Wireframe, prototype and usability test the best idea in design cycles.

3. Business solution

Bespoke live data driven article that got third largest amount of page views that year.

My role

Working like a startup in a corporate business setting. Responsible for all aspects of the design, research and programming. Workshop participants included these types of journalism staff: data reporter, consulting editor, website editor, special projects editor and SEO specialists.

Design process

1. Research

Collaborated with journalists to make proto-personas, our assumptions were people would want to know everything there is to know about Kate. Doing loosely structured interviews and task analysis at weddings showed people were more interested in commentary and feeling part of the occasion.



2. Concept



Facilitated workshop to generate ideas that would engage and entertain our personas. Sketched out/story boarded our best ideas. Pitch ideas to upper management. Upper management chose live social media data map idea.

3. User interface Design

Used workshop sketches and storyboards to make wireframe designs. Turned wireframes into a clickable medium fidelity prototype. Did usability testing with prototype, evaluated results and fed research back into UI design. Repeated this cycle (design, test and evaluation) two more times. Increased the prototype's fidelity level in each cycle. Last cycle was with a rapid prototype built using a pattern library. For each of the article's three data feeds I designed a CMS (Content Management System). The three data feeds were: 1, moderated Twitter feed; 2, Kate and Will location coordinates; 3, Related content. For each CMS I did one cycle of design, test and evaluation.



Bespoke data driven article

Screenshots (with banner/mid page adverts photoshopped off) of live Royal Wedding map.